Aaqius, Nissan, XG Sciences & Boston-Power, Tesla.

Aaqius-Stor-HH2 in cans: Swiss Aaqius presented a hydrogen cartridge system for vehicles dubbed STOR-H at the COP 21 in Paris and equipped an electric scooter and a hybrid car with it. The hydrogen in cans could be sold in dispensers and Aaqius aims at a worldwide market launch by 2017.
blick.ch (in German), voitureelectrique.eu (in French), youtube.com (without words)

What is the fuel station of the future? Electric and wireless, Nissan suggests. The Japanese carmaker plans to introduce its inductive charging technology at the Geneva auto show next year.
autocar.co.uk, youtube.com

Battery partnership: XG Sciences and Boston-Power announced to jointly transform XG Sciences’ silicon-graphene anode materials for use in Boston-Power’s lithium-ion battery cells. The programme aims to improve performance as well as production technique.

Taming of Tesla: The Autopilot v7.1 is being tested by selected Model S drivers. The new version includes improved self-parking ability and UI but restricts the Autosteer function to highway driving.

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Most clicked link on Wednesday were more than 1,600 open job positions at Tesla Motors.


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