Austria, Nissan, eCommuters, charging station tax-credit.

E-car sharing in Austria: Beginning in March 2014, up to 30 residents of Baden will share an electric Renault Kangoo. The project is called Bea (Badener e-carsharing) and is part of the so-called model region “e-pendler niederösterreich” (e-commuters in Lower Austria). The annual subscription for bea costs 99 euros (135 dollars) while further fees will be applied according to use. The project was brought into existence by the city of Baden, a fairtrade shop, the Sparkasse bank and a car dealership. (in German)

Powered by Nissan: A new project called “Vehicle-to-Building” connects six Leaf to the building’s grid, allowing it to draw power from the cars’ batteries during peak hours. The EVs will then be charged during off hours, before it is time to go home.

Germany’s commuters go electric: The project ePendler (eCommuters), aiming to electrify business commuting in the German state Hessen, will soon be implemented in other states across the country as well. For one week, 30 commuters were able to experience the benefits of an EV. The project kicked off locally in May and is part of Germany’s plan to put one million electric cars on its streets by 2020. (in German)

The charging station tax-credit expires at the end of this year. U.S. taxpayers have to be quick to be able to claim 30 percent of the cost of the purchase and installation of a home charging station. The income tax credit ends on December 31st, and is limited to a 1,000 dollars.


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