Jan 6, 2014 - 09:33 am

Daimler, Absolute Design, BYD.

New Mercedes test centre in Germany: Daimler will publish plans tomorrow to invest 200 million euros (271.7 million USD) in a new testing and technology centre in Immendingen, a town in the south of Germany. On what used to be a military training area, the company’s autonomous driving systems and new drive train technologies will be put to the test. If approval is granted, construction could begin in autumn 2014.
indianautosblog.com, stuttgarter-zeitung.de (In German)

Easy access e-car: Croatian automotive designers are running a crowdfunding campaign for their “Equal” vehicle. The all-electric car has an extendable ramp in the rear for barrier-free wheelchair access. Once rolled in, physically challenged persons can steer, brake and accelerate with one hand.
earthtechling.com, indiegogo.com (Campaign with video)

Super-sized e-bus for Bogotá: The Chinese BYD produced an extra long version of its all-electric bus for the Columbian capital. Instead of the twelve metres of the K9 model, the new e-bus measures 18 m. It features the usual in-wheel motors and in tests ran 240 km (150 miles) on one charge.
electriccarsreport.com (With video)


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