Eco Fleet Hamburg, Nissan Leaf, Nick Rufford.

Hamburg expands eco-fleet: Currently, there are about 600 commercial EVs in Hamburg, Germany. Now, hySOLUTIONS in cooperation with Alphabet and Öko-Institut will issue another 450 EVs to commercial fleets across the hanseatic city. The 3-year field test called ‘Eco Fleet Hamburg’ is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and is designed to assess the viability of EVs in fleets of all sizes and their potential carbon savings. (In German), (In German)

Leaf sales tripled: In Great Britain, the all-electric Nissan has been sold 1,812 times in 2013, while sales in 2012 stood only at 699 units. This increase might be due to the fact, that Nissan started building the European Leaf at the British Sunderland plant in April last year.

The American Dream recharged: Nick Rufford took the Tesla Model S to where it really belongs – the Californian and nowadays, electric, highway. Apart from delivering the proper soundtrack, Rufford also concludes that it “might be the most important electric car yet made” as its persuasive power is unmatched – at least under the sun of California., (Video)

Sprit of innovation: One of the eldest Nissan Leaf sits at a 750 year old buddhist temple in Japan. Early adopter and chief-priest Wasei Hirai, hopes the car will enhance environmental consciousness. He firmly believes that a time will come where “whenever people think of a car, it will be an electric car.”,


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