Feb 13, 2014 - 09:31 am

ChargePoint, MGM, Georgia, Nissan, Tesla.

Charging at the strip: Together with ChargePoint, MGM has started to install 27 charging stations at nine of its Las Vegas resorts. The stations will be installed in guest garages and at valeting parking areas and will be available for use free of charge.

Georgia to kill tax credit? A new bill proposed in the U.S. state of Georgia could eliminate the 5,000 dollar tax credit currently available to buyers of new EVs. The proposing senator wants to take the financial burden off the tax payers who are not driving an EV. Coupled with the federal 7,500 dollar tax credit, Georgia ranked among the top four states in terms of electric car registrations last year.
bizjournals.com via greencarreports.com

European bestseller: Nissan continues to revel in the success of the Leaf. With 11,120 units sold in 2013 it has been the first choice for European EV drivers. In comparison to the previous year, this is an increase of 204% and the company says it now holds 33% of the EV market in Europe.
puregreencars.com, electriccarsreport.com

Tesla road trip return: His journey from New York to Florida along the recently finished East Coast Supercharger Highway left David Noland with no doubts that Tesla’s network just works. So well, in fact, that Noland’s return was “pretty routine. Boring, even.”


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