Kia, Porsche, SsangYong, Italdesign Giugiaro, Tier 3, QuaZZar.

European Kia Soul EV debut: Having its market launch in autumn this year, Kia has revealed the production version of its first EV in Geneva yesterday. With 200 kilometres of range, CHAdeMO fast-charging capabilities (80% in 20 minutes) and a new individual ventilation system, the electric Soul has the potential to become the next successful EV.

Ready to hit the track: Porsche unveiled its 500 hp 919 hybrid race car the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (we reported). It features a 2.0-litre V4 engine and two energy recovery systems. The first collects heat energy from exhaust gases, the other kinetic energy from braking. The energy can either be stored in the battery or send to the front wheels.,

SsangYong presents hybrid SUV: The Korean carmaker’s XLV concept seats seven and is powered by a 48 V hybrid system that combines a 1.6-litre diesel engine with a 10 kW electric motor. The energy is provided by a 500 Wh li-ion battery.

The Clipper comes: Italdesign Giugiaro, the VW Group design house, unveiled its MPV concept in Geneva. It seats six and features two 110 kW electric motors – one in the front, one in the back of the car. Giugiaro claims the Clipper MPV can travel up to 540 kilometres (336 miles) on a single charge.,


U.S. tightens emission standards: As of 2017, stricter vehicle emission standards known as Tier 3 will be put in place and apply to all light-duty as well as some heavy-duty vehicles. In line with the new rules, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides will have to be cut by 80 percent.,

Electric scooter by Vespa: The QuaZZar looks retro on the outside, but features a 3 kW electric motor on the inside and can reach up to 65 kph (40 mph). It is said to have a maximum range of 80 kilometres (50 miles).;

More carmakers join e-bike trend: Kia shows the prototype in Geneva of what will be available as an electric mountain as well as an electric city bicycle. Qooros, on the other hand, shows an electric hybrid bike which is based on the GreyP G-12 developed by Rimac. (Kia; in German), (Qooros)


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