Apr 25, 2014 - 08:35 am

Volvo, Subaru, Toyota, Tesla, Yamaha.

Volvo turns it up: The Swedish carmaker will increase production at its Gothenburg facility from currently 200,000 to 300,000 units a year due to the introduction of the XC90 which will also be offered as plug-in hybrid and fully electric at some point (we reported). Furthermore, Volvo introduced the V60 PHEV as sporty R-design version to be launched in August this year.
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Subaru might bring back electric: Due to tightening rules for carbon emissions in the USA as of 2018, Subaru is considering to bring back plug-ins. If the models will be fully electric or hybrid has not been specified so far.
leftlanenews.com, just-auto.com

Cash on the hood: Toyota’s RAV4 EV is having a hard time in California to compete with lower priced or better EVs. To meet its sales target of 2,600 units, the Japanese have come up with a special deal. Until 5th May, lease drivers will get incentives of up to 16,500 dollars. Buyers however, only get 2,500 dollars.
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Tesla is hiring workers for a new site in Lathrop, California. The carmaker has been granted building permits to modify a former Chrysler facility it has leased. So far Tesla is not giving any details on what this site will be for but is currently looking for 32 professionals.

Electric Yamahas: Presented in Tokyo as concepts, Yamaha now wants to build its PES1 and PED1. Production is set to start in 2016 but no details on the specifications have yet emerged.
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