Logos Technologies, Nexeon, ERAU, Sumitomo/Nissan.

Military motorcycle: But make it a hybrid… This is the task Logos Technologies was given by the research branch of the Pentagon. The hybrid motorcycle is supposed to enable soldiers to get close to the enemy lines silently, yet escape with full power and range of the combustion engine if they must.
popsci.com, hybridcars.com

New anode facility: The British Nexeon, producer of silicon anode, has finished the construction of its process development and manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Oxfordshire. The factory can produce more than 20 tonnes of product a year and is said to be highly versatile.

Electric flight programme: Students of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida will work together with Powering Imagination to convert a Diamond HK36 motorglider into an electric plane. It might make its first flight already in mid-2015.
daytonabeach.erau.edu via greencarcongress.com

Second life as solar storage: On the artificial island of Yumeshima, Japan, Nissan and Sumitomo have installed a large scale solar power storage system reusing old EV batteries (we reported). Now, Nissan has issued a video introducing the ‘Hikari-no-mori’ project.
youtube.com via electriccarsreport.com


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