Gigafactory, Nissan Leaf, Texas, Mercedes, UQM.

Gigafactory proceedings: Apparently, Panasonic is interested in investing in Tesla’s battery factory, signing a letter of intent. Constructions of at least one of the two possible Gigafactory sites will commence as early as next month, with California being back in the game. Musk also said that the limited cell production is currently keeping Tesla from producing more Model S. (Panasonic), (ground-breaking)

Future Leaf: Nissan released further details about the next Leaf, due to arrive in 2017. As it has been reported before, it might feature multi-size battery options with packs enabling 300 km of range. This will be made possible by introducing a new battery chemistry and thus improving energy density. 2017 will also see the arrival of Infiniti’s delayed electric car.,

Texas EV incentive: As soon as mid-May, 2,000 buyers and lessees of EVs and plug-in hybrids in Texas might be able to apply for a 2,500-dollar rebate. Both EVs and PHEVs will receive the full amount, as long the battery capacity is at least 4 kW. In case of a lease, the contract runs for four years.

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SiemensElectromobility powered by Siemens: Siemens is presenting its drivetrain solutions for electric and hybrid cars on “Vehicle Show Electromobility” in Bad Neustadt a.d.S on May 10th and 11th. Find Siemens at the fairground of the demo city for electromobility and take a ride with an electric car.

Pictures of the C-Class plug-in hybrid emerged on Autoblog, showing the Mercedes being tested in Germany. The spy shots clearly show the position of the charging inlet, located at the rear-end bumper just like on the plug-in S-Class.

UQM for Turkey: Colorado-based UQM has signed a memorandum of understanding with Turkish Derindere Motorlu Araclar to supply drive systems to be used in an all-electric light commercial vehicle. While the vehicle is still under development, a decision has been made already in favour of UQM’s 135 kW propulsion system.


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