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VW commercial vans to be electrified: At the VW shareholder meeting in Hannover, CEO Martin Winterkorn said his corporation will “most probably” electrify its utility vehicles soon. He named the Transporter as well as the new Crafter, which is supposed to start by the end of 2016.
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Infiniti update: The first electric Infiniti is now scheduled for 2017 as part of Nissan’s business plan ‘Power 88.’ The Inifiniti will not only be purely electric but is said to be charged inductively too. Originally, the all-electric sedan was scheduled to arrive 2014.

E-Golf for the states: From the fourth quarter of this year, VW will bring its electric Golf to the U.S. It will be the first all electric model from Volkswagen on the continent. In which states it will be launched first and how much it will cost has yet be announced.
just-auto.com, hybridcxars.com

Honda revival: According to the British Auto Express, the Japanese are planning to freshen up their image. The NSX (we reported) and S660 will be joined by a revived roadster, the S2000 by 2017. The roadster will get hybrid technology which is said to come from McLaren.

Bankruptcy: Dutch e-bike manufacturer TDR Bikes is out of business. The company founded by former Rabo Bank team manager Theo de Rooij gave quality issues as well as missing cashflow as reasons. Last year, one of TDR’s main suppliers of electronics declared bankruptcy, too.

Truly sorry: Lexus’ anti-EV affair (we reported) is almost over. After renewed protest, namely by Plug In America, the brand known for its hybrids has now taken the disputable content offline and promised to “alter and adjust” any misleading or incorrect information.
green.autoblog.com, transportevolved.com


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