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imiev-czero-ionPSA to rethink EV strategy: Carlo Tavares, PSA Peugeot Citroen CEO, said its company will decide within the next twelve months if to keep up the cooperation with Mitsubishi on EVs. The decision is part of an overall re-evaluation of strategy which also takes location of production and the strength of the yen into account.

The end of Li-Tec? Daimler considers to close its production of Li-ion cells for the Smart electric drive in Saxonia by 2016, reports the German Manager Magazin. Cells for the new Smart ED would than be supplied by LG Chem. The end of Li-Tec does not affect its partner German Accumotive, which manufactures Li-Tec cells into finished batteries, as Accumotive serves other customers apart from Smart, the magazin writes with reference to Daimler insiders. (in German)

Mercedes hybrid estate: The German carmaker will launch its latest C-Class later this year at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) car show in Leipzig. The estate will be manufactured in Bremen. Furthermore, Daimler confirmed to offer it as diesel-hybrid C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid and later as C 350 plug-in hybrid with a 50 kW electric drive., (in German, hybrid)

Hybrid Tiguan: German Auto Bild reports that the upcoming VW Tiguan will not only come with an option for seven seats but will also be offered as plug-in hybrid from July 2016 using the drivetrain of the Golf GTE offering 50 km electric range., (German original source)

H2-Tucson has arrived: Hyundai’s production fuel cell vehicle, otherwise known as ix35, has arrived in the states. Here, it will be called Tucson and become available at three Californian dealerships within the next few weeks. The monthly lease of 499 dollars includes unlimited free hydrogen and servicing.,

Elio trike delayed: Louisiana company Elio Motors announced it had to push back production of its ultra-efficient trike until the third quarter of 2015. The delay is due to funding issues, the company said.


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