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McLaren electrifies: The CEO of the British sports car manufacturer, Mike Flewitt, announced that within ten years’ time, “all models will be hybrids,” and that he even plays with the thought of offering an all-electric model. Meanwhile, rumour has it that McLaren will present the P13 in Geneva 2015, an entry level sports car for about 210,000 dollars.,

BMW all-electric in China: President of BMW China, Karsten Engel, says the i3 will go on sale in September. It will join the Zinoro E1, an all-electric car built by BMW’s Chinese joint venture Brilliance, which can only be rented at the moment. When asked about his plans for China, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer only said that the carmaker is talking about broadening the Zinoro offer. (i3 start China), (Reithofer, in German)

Rimac to become reality: The Croatian electric super sports car Concept One is getting closer to small scale production, as Colombian investor Frank Kanayet Yepes will be joined by three more investors from Asia. The combined investment comes to about 13 million euros (17.7m dollars)

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Berlin-Beijing connection: To commemorate the 20-year-partnership between the German and the Chinese capital, Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit visited Beijing, trying to encourage more investment. Furthermore, the two cities will work together in the field of charging infrastructure, as both strive to be exemplary in their countries. (e-mobility, in German),

BMW i8 to launch in India: The plug-in hybrid is set to enter the Indian market at the end of this year. The Bavarian carmaker sees potential for the i8 in urban centres like Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. BMW India also plans to increase its dealer network from the current 12 to a total of 50 outlets. (i8), (dealers)

Tesla pricing for Australia: The Californian announced its prices of the Model S for Down Under. The Model S 60 starts at 91,400 Australian dollars, while the performance P85 will be available from 119,900 dollars. The midrange Model S 85 will be available starting at 103,400 dollars.


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