Jun 27, 2014 - 08:37 am

BMW i8 vs. electric golf buggy, EV rally in Norway, Events.

Video tip: Do you recall the fable of the hare and the tortoise? Well, it is very much what happened in this race between a BMW i8 and its challenger, an electric golf buggy – which admittedly had the home advantage.
vimeo.com via hybridcars.com

Reading tip: Once more, Norway proves itself as the home of the electric car as an EV rally climbed the country’s curviest road to the top of Trollstigen mountain, which features sub zero temperatures but strawberries, too.

Selected events for the upcoming week: 11th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM (01 – 04 July, Lucerne, Switzerland) ++ E-Silvretta (03 – 06 July, Austria)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar


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