LG Chem, Air Berlin, Bosch, Tesla.

200-mile batteries: LG Chem’s CTO has announced that the Korean company will offer batteries with 200 miles range for electric vehicles by 2016. These could be used in Renault’s Zoe or electric cars by General Motors and other carmakers which LG Chem supplies with battery packs already.
autonews.com, indiatimes.com

Electric taxying: Air Berlin has signed a letter of intent with WheelTug and FTI to develop a so-called Pilot Ground Situation Awareness System (PGSA). As part of the WheelTug system, electric motors will be fitted to the nose gear wheels of an aircraft, which enable the plane to be manoeuvred on the ground without the use of the jet engines or a tug.
travelandtourworld.com, wheeltug.com

Shifting for efficiency: Automotive supplier Bosch beliefs (or hopes?) that electric cars will soon get automatic transmissions with multiple gears. This is said to increase efficiency not only in hybrids but EVs as well. Bosch estimates plug-in car sales to reach 5.5 million in 2020.

Model S hack not good enough: The hacking competition at the SyScan360 conference (we reported) has a winner: a team from Zhejiang University. The students broke into the system of a Tesla Model S but did not manage to tamper with drivetrain functions or doors of the electric car. Therefore, the prize money was not fully paid.


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