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F1 technology in London buses: Go-Ahead has ordered GKN Power Hybrid to retrofit 500 buses with its electric flywheel system called Gyrodrive Kinetic Energy Recovery System. It includes the flywheel, as well as the company’s EVO electric motor, gearbox, and installation. The buses will come to London one by one over the next two years and are said to save up to 20% fuel.
transportengineer.org.uk, greencarcongress.com

Cadillac to charge wireless: Evatran will be offering its inductive charging system for the Cadillac ELR by the end of this year. The system is already available for the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. Furthermore, Evatran announced it would soon include two more premium models but has not specified which yet.
greencarcongress.com, ecomento.com

Hyundai on 48 volts: LG Chem has developed a 48-V litium-ion battery to be exclusively used in SUVs by Hyundai to power the on-board electronics. It will replace the 12-V system in a not yet specified electric SUV set for launch in 2017. Furthermore, by implementing 48-volt systems carmakers can adopt electric drive technologies more easily than by using dual-battery systems.

Battery simulation tool: CD-adapco has completed the development of a software providing seamless integration between the work of electrochemists and thermal engineers designing batteries together. The tool is part of the DoE project CAEBAT (Computer Aided Engineering of Electric Drive Batteries) which started back in 2011.

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