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France, Ashland, York, Arnall Golden Gregory, Austria.

Leading by e-xample: According to a new plan, 50% of the government fleet in France is to be plug-in hybrid or electric by 2016. Translated to numbers, the French government is eventually looking at about 2,500 plug-in vehicles. Currently, alternative fuel vehicles account for 25% of the federal fleet.

EV home charging: A 100-dollar incentive is offered by the city of Ashland, Oregon to new home owners who agree to install an EV home charger. Eligible are only homes built to energy efficiency standards that often include solar panels.

Rapid charging in York: The council of the City of York has installed five quick charging stations in Yorkshire. The stations were funded mainly by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. Users will be charged 0.15 pounds (0.25 dollars) per kWh through the ChargeYourCar service on pay as you go basis.,

Lawyers gone green: The law firm Arnall Golden Gregory employs 150 attorneys of which at least nine are now driving Nissan Leafs. Bill Moore has spoken to two of them on their reasoning behind going electric – it was not a company’s initiative – and what they think of Atlanta’s EV rebate programme. (with video interview)

Residential electric carsharing: Austria’s ‘Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft BIG’ (federal real estate agency) is looking at adding one EV by a “premium manufacturer” to every 40 apartments built. The luxury electric car would be available to all residents to share free of charge. BIG is currently negotiating to start the project in two developments in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz already this year. (in German)


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