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Renovo, U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors, Tesla.

Renovo-CoupeRenovo Coupé revealed at Pebble Beach: Powered by a 500 hp electric motor, the sports car can go from 0 to 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds. Its body is that of a Shelby SCX9000 Daytona. It has a top speed of 193 kph and a 100-mile range. The EV will go into limited production in the U.S. next year, with initial sales targeted for California., , (Video)

U.S. sponsors fuel-efficiency research: The U.S. Department of Energy will award a total of 55 million dollars to 31 research projects of plug-in and fuel-efficient technologies. The largest single award (10m dollars) goes to further developing the Gasoline Direct-Injection Compression Ignition (GDCI) technology from Delphi. But nine projects concern the use of Li-ion batteries.

After Volt comes Bolt? GM has filled a trademark application for the name, though what will become of it is still a unknown. Hybrid Cars says it has seen reports that the Bolt would be a cheaper version of the Chevy Volt, featuring a smaller battery pack. If a Chevy Bolt will ever roll of production line remains to be seen.,

Tesla upgrades warranty: Just like the EV’s battery pack, the drivetrain of the Tesla Model S is now covered by an eight-year ‘infinite mileage’ warranty. Moreover, it applies not only to new models, but retroactively to all Model S. How customers who already paid for an extended warranty will benefit from the upgrade is still in the works.,


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