Ford, Dongfeng & PSA, Mahindra Reva, Honda, Toyota, Acura.

Ford-Fusion-EnergiNew Ford hybrid line-up? Apparently, the American carmaker is working on a new hybrid model, Reuters reports. Project ‘C240’ is said to hit the market by 2018 and might come with several body styles. It would be Ford’s first purpose-built hybrid.,

Chinese-French cooperation: PSA’s joint venture in China, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën, is reportedly in negotiations to intensify the partnership. Together, the companies want to develop new technologies for micro hybrids, plug-in hybrids as well as pure electric vehicles for the Chinese market.

More range for E2o: Mahindra Reva is now offering a premium version of its electric model in India. The upgraded E2o has a range of 120 kilometres, or 50% more, as well as electric power steering. For next year, electric and hybrid variants of the company’s Verito and Maxximo are in the pipeline.,

Supercharged hybrid: Honda offers a supercharger kit for its CR-Z hybrid, which will raise the base 130 hp to 192 hp. The kit was developed by Honda Performance Development and is sold for 5,495 dollars.,

Prius Taxi: Toyota is hoping to strengthen its hybrid sales in Korea by offering the a taxi version of the Prius. It would be the first foreign company to break into the Korean taxi market, and also the first to offer a hybrid while most cabs in the country run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Honda Civic Review: Jeff Cobb drove the updated version of the hybrid sedan. The 2014 Civic comes with a Li-ion battery and a renewed hybrid system that offers some EV-only operation. Still, Cobb thinks that the Fit/ Jazz hybrid system would be more efficient if adapted to the new Civic.

The Acura RLX Hybrid could be the most sophisticated hybrid yet, says Anthony Ingram, who did a review of three-motor hybrid. One is mainly feeding the system with energy from braking, while the remaining two work at the rear, with 27 kW each but independently, thus making the “Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive” live up to its name.


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