Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sunstar, Nissan, Starckbike.

Useful rubber: Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a process in which the carbon from recycled tyres could be used in Li-ion batteries. By slightly changing the characteristics of the carbon black, it becomes a better anode for the storage units.
sciencedaily.com, greencarcongress.com

Sunstar proposes e-bike kit: The Japanese company developed a mid-mounted drive unit, which can be installed on any bicycle to make it electric. The only requirement of the Virtus system is a special multi sensor controller to measure torque, pedalling cadence and crank angle.

Nissan production in Sunderland had been closed for a scheduled two-week maintenance, which took longer than expected. The first of the two lines, also producing the Leaf, went back online on Tuesday and to avoid further delays, the panel production had to be moved to an alternative press line.

An e-bike for every terrain: French designer Philipp Starck and Moustache Bikes show their e-bike collection M.A.S.S. at the Eurobike in Germany. The letters stand for “Mud, Asphalt, Sand and Snow,” with the snow version even being covered in fuzzy (fake) fur.
e-bike-finder.com (in German)

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Most clicked link on Thursday was Auto Express‘ report on the next generation of the Nissan Leaf with renderings and interesting details about charging and battery options.


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