Nissan, Solaris, Efacec, Plug Power.

E-NV200 for SMEs: Nissan is to launch the ‘e4Business’ online platform for small companies and start-ups to pitch their business to the Japanese company. The best ideas will receive marketing support. In France and Germany, the website is already running and successful applicants get a Nissan e-NV200 electric van in their company’s branding including a wallbox.
fleetnews.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com

Solaris e-buses: The Polish manufacturer unveiled its new Urbino 18 electric. Four of those electric buses will serve in the German city of Brunswick where they are charged inductively with technology by Bombardier. Also, the Hamburg Hochbahn acquired two Solaris, the Urbino 18,75 electric. They feature a fuel cell as range extender.
busportal.sk (in Polish)

Light and compact charger: Efacec will present a new DC charger at eCarTec in Munich. According to the company it will be the “lightest and smallest in the market” – although the QC24S still weighs 55 kilos. The new charger is aimed at both European and North American customers. A CHAdeMO model is to follow this year.

Fuel cell financing: Plug Power is to offer financing packages together with M&T Bank for customers looking to purchase fuel cells, hydrogen refuelling stations and service agreements. Plug Power hopes to thus facilitate buying decisions of the fuel cell forklifts and its ‘GenKey’ service and infrastructure deal.


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