Charge&Pay, Inmotion EV scheme, Powertree Services, MetLife.

Roaming with Mercedes: Daimler presented its “Charge&Pay for Mercedes Benz” app, allowing drivers to find the nearest available charging station and pay via the app using PayPal. The system includes almost all service providers in Germany and the carmaker plans on adding other European markets.

UK EV initiative: The Inmotion Electric Vehicles Scheme is said to be the first of its kind in the country. When leasing an electric car or van, or installing a charge point via the scheme’s partner companies, businesses can receive grants of up to 10,500 pounds (17,000 USD). The initiative is financed through the DfT’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Helpful neighbours: Powertree Services wants to install 68 charging station in San Francisco, including energy storage systems by Panasonic. Energy is generated via solar panels, stored and used to charge up EVs, but also to supply nearby houses.

Charging with the Peanuts: U.S. insurance company MetLife has installed at total of 32 charging points at all 14 of its locations across the country. Employees charge for free. The initiative aims to make employees aware of greener driving alternatives. The company’s long-time mascot Snoopy adorns on the stations.


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