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Hyundai-Sonata-Hybrid-2015New Hyundai hybrids: Hyundai has unveiled its latest Sonata hybrid which will arrive in major markets outside of Korea starting in the first half of 2015, with a plug-in hybrid version to follow. Hyundai also plans to introduce its first dedicated hybrid model in the second half of next year.,,

Fashionably late: Toyota has delayed production of its new Prius until the end of 2015, as design changes and other issues have to be solved first. The new Prius is aimed to appeal to younger buyers while becoming more clearly differentiated from the more conservative plug-in hybrid version.

Korean Prius fighter: New details emerged in German Auto Bild on the new hybrid-only Kia which is developed under the code name “DE” (we reported). Initially, the crossover model will go on sale in 2016 as a plug-less hybrid first, with a plug-in hybrid version to follow shortly after its launch. (in German)

B-Class ED mobility package: In Germany, Mercedes-Benz-Bank now offers the ‘B flexible Package’ for customers of the all-electric B-Class. The package includes free hire of any Mercedes model for 15 days per year as well as free use of the car2go and car2go black service for three hours per month. (in German)

S500 Plug-in hybrid review: The luxury Mercedes here receives the slightly surprising verdict of being a real cost saver, at least if compared with the S300 Bluetec Hybrid. According to Matt Saunders, the S500 Plug-in Hybrid works out level on price with the cheapest-to-run diesel on a monthly basis – and quite a lot cheaper if you happen to live in London and regularly pay the congestion charge.


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