Siemens & StreetScooter, Chevy Volt, Johnson Controls, Coda Energy.

RACE in serial production: Together, Siemens and StreetScooter presented the first series production EV incorporating the electronics and software system RACE. This central processing unit controls all functions in the car and allows to retrofit functions similar to a plug-and-play process on computers.

Chevy-Volt-2015-TeaserVolt to incorporate ELR technology: The new Chevy Volt which is to debut at the NAIAS in January will feature on-demand regen braking known from the Caddy ELR but “even more refined.” Paddles behind the steering wheel allow to regulate the amount of regenerative braking.,

U.S. batteries for Range Rover Hybrid: Johnson Controls is supplying the Lithium-ion battery pack for the Range Rover Hybrid. Production of the cells and complete battery systems is underway at Johnson Controls’ manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan.,

Second life for EV batteries: Coda Energy has begun operation of the largest behind-the-meter energy storage system in the Los Angeles area. The system is comprised of new lithium-iron phosphate EV battery cell packs that serve to showcase the possibility of reusing EV batteries in the future.


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