Jan 8, 2015 - 09:22 am

Tesla Model X, Kia Soul EV, Gigafactory.

Video tips: The Panasonic booth at CES displays a goodie: the Tesla Model X. If this is the production version already is not clear but it is certainly worth taking a look at things to come later this year.
youtube.com, youtube.com, chinanews.com (gallery)

Reading tip: Next Green Car took the Kia Soul EV on UK roads to see if it would deliver the promised range of 132 miles. It did indeed as after 125.3 miles driven it showed a remaining range of nine miles. The range test included driving through Bristol as well as on the M4.
nextgreencar.com (with video)

Click tip: The Tesla Gigafactory is taking shape in Nevada’s desert. Pictures taken by Bob Tregilus on Tuesday show a first two-storey building going up. Tesla intends to finish construction in only a year.


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