Lit Motors C1, Tesla vs. Tesla, German EV policies, Events.

Video tip I: In a new video, Lit Motors demonstrates the self-balancing capabilities of its C1 EV which is essentially a scooter with a semi-closed cabin. While no date for production is set yet, the Californian start-up now issued a price of approximately 24,000 dollars.,

Video tip II: DragTimes ventured to find out, just how much better the Tesla Model S P85D is compared to the Model S P85. The drag race between the two Teslas is nothing less than surprisingly definite.

Reading tip: Neil Winton is looking at German EV policies, or better, the lack of them. While one million electric vehicles until 2020 are the goal, subsidies are as of yet out of the question. A solution has been brought into the discussion by Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer who believes a 1-cent per litre tax could bring 2.4 billion euros to be spent on EVs and infrastructure.

Events for the upcoming week: FIA Formula E – Round 4 (Jan 10; Buenos Aires, Argentina) ++ North American International Auto Show (Jan 12-25; Detroit, USA)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at


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