China, Australia, SEPUR, Ukraine, Jordan.

Fully charged across China: Utility provider State Grid has erected fast-charging stations along the 745-mile route connecting Shanghai and Beijing. The initiative was jointly undertaken by the Chinese government, BAIC Motor, BYD, Dongfeng Nissan and BYD-Daimler. The charge stops have been tested last weekend with five electric cars going in both directions and will become fully operational shortly.,,

Oz to get supercharged: Tesla announced to erect a total of 16 Supercharger stations between Melbourne and Brisbane with the first ten to be standing this year. Furthermore, the California EV maker intends to work with Australian hotels to install high powered wall units at their premises.

French electrification: French waste management company SEPUR will replace all conventional vehicles at his 17 branches in the Paris region with electric cars. Alphabet France will deliver 61 of what is to become a fleet of 100 Renault Zoe and has already deployed the first 11 last month.,

EV charge points in Ukraine: OKKO has equipped 34 of its 420 gas stations along motorways with charging stations from Austrian KEBA. Drivers of all types of EVs will be able to recharge free of charge.

Jordan will use the power of the sun to promote EV uptake as the kingdom’s government intends to spend 120 million dollars on a network of 3,000 solar-powered EV charging stations. The first 11 will be located in the capital of Amman. Furthermore, import tariffs for electric cars will be waived.


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