Samsung SDI, Local Motors, University of Waterloo, Siemens.

New Samsung SDI batteries: The Koreans show new batteries in Detroit. The 120Ah High Capacity Battery Cell is said to enable EVs to drive over 300 kilometers, while the height of the Compact Design Cell designed for HEVs has been reduced by over 20 mm while maintaining the same level of capacity.,

Local-Motors-Strati3-D printed EV: Local Motors is printing an updated version of its Strati live at the NAIAS showcasing its micro-factory. Two of them will be built in Knoxville, Tennessee as well as in the area of Washington DC. There, the company hopes to start production of the first fleet of 3D-printed cars his fall.,,

Li-S research: A team from Waterloo University is working on an EV battery that is said to have the potential to power electric cars three times further than current lithium-ion batteries for the same weight and at much lower cost. At the heart of the lithium-sulfur invention is an ultra-thin nanomaterial.,

eHighway monitoring: Siemens is developing an automatic monitoring system for pantographs. The system, made for electric and hybrid trucks on the company’s eHighways, uses cameras and sensors to check the condition of pantographs in order to prevent damage to the contact wire.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the Chevy Bolt EV unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


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