Feb 19, 2015 - 10:01 am

Tesla's China business, BMW vs. Tesla.

Reading tip I: Forbes’ Junghen Li is looking at the reasons why Tesla’s China business remains low. Rich Chinese people seem little concerned about the environment while experienced automotive people are scarce and easily scared away by managing methods as lately applied by Elon Musk (we reported).

Reading tip II: BMW might try to take on Tesla but Transport Evolved believes that even a i5 or i7 plug-in hybrid would not be much of a threat to the Californians. Instead it might be the other way around, Inside EVs suggests, as the Model 3 could become a serious competitor for BMW’s i3 very soon.
transportevolved.com (BMW vs. Tesla), insideevs.com (Tesla vs. BMW)


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19.02.2015 10:44