Mar 9, 2015 - 10:40 am

Bentley, Gigafactory, Formula 1, Accell Group, Nissan.

Bentley hybrid: Bentley unveiled the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept in Geneva. The two-seater features a hybrid drivetrain, combining a six cylinder engine and two electric motors. If the concept will make it to serial production depends on customer feedback.,

Gigafactory delayed? According to a local job posting from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at the end of January, work at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada has been “cut back by 80%.” Tesla meanwhile says the factory is on schedule and first batteries should be delivered by the end of 2016.,

Shocked by a hybrid? Formula 1 teams are considering boycotting the race in Melbourne, following a still unresolved accident by Fernando Alonso. Rumour has it he experienced an electric shock from his Honda’s hybrid KERS system. The Grand Prix Driver’s Association (GPDA) said that “all the rumours of an electric shock are false,” but is waiting for medical reports to “understand the full picture.” (boycott; article in German), (GPDA)


Good year for Accell Group: The company released its figures for 2014. Overall bikes sales increased 23 percent, while e-bikes made up 41 percent of sales last year. Moreover, e-bikes are also responsible for an increase of the average price of bicycles from 336 to 377 euros (364 to 408 dollars).

New Leaf look? Green Car Reports wonders whether Nissan’s Sway concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show could be a glimpse at the next Nissan Leaf. The author bases his prediction on Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura’s statement that one should expect “less EV-ness.” The carmaker says the concept shows the potential direction of the next generation of the Micra.


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