Mar 12, 2015 - 09:53 am

London, Go Ultra Low, New Hampshire, Amsterdam, Tbilisi.

London buses to charge wirelessly: Transport for London (TfL) announced to start operating three inductively charging buses in the British capital this September. The buses are part of the European ZeEUS project and follow a successful trial that has taken place in Milton Keynes for six months.

Go Ultra Low cities: The British government shortlisted 12 cities to potentially share 35 million pounds of funding to further the use of ULEVs. London, Oxford, York, and Dundee, to name but a few, have until August 31, 2015, to finalise their submissions. The winners will be announced shortly after.,

New Hampshire offers rebates of up to 12,000 dollars for the installation of a DC fast chargers on the Interstate 93, available through April 3. Rebates of up to $5,000 for Level 2 chargers will be available later for other locations. In total, 49,000 dollars in funding are offered for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Dutch Tesla Service Center: The Californian company has opened one of the biggest European service facilities in Amsterdam. The Drivers Lounge offers Dutch Model S drivers 24-hour-access, “in case you need a coffee at 3 am”.,

Japan to support Georgia: The capital Tbilisi is to receive 500 million yen (4,1 million dollars) towards the acquisition of hybrid buses and two electric cars. While for the greater good, the funding is also a way of promoting Japanese technology abroad as all vehicles will come from Japan.,

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