Mar 13, 2015 - 10:01 am

Toyota, Suzuki, Japan, Tesla, Raiooo, Lightning Motorcycles.

Toyota recall: In the U.S., the Japanese carmaker is asking a total of 112,500 Toyotas back into the garage. Among them are 110,000 Camry and Highlander, including the hybrid variants. The recall is due to a possible failure with the electric power steering. Furthermore, all 2,500 RAV4 EV are recalled to repair components supplied by Tesla, as a software issue might cause the EVs to shift to ‘neutral.’,,

Suzuki to hybridise: The next Swift is scheduled to arrive next year and a hybrid version is likely. Furthermore, the Japanese carmaker is said to put its two mild hybrid concepts iK-2 and iM-4 that were presented in Geneva, into serial production by 2016. (Swift), (iK-2 & iM-4)

Data instead of fees: Japan’s industry ministry announced its plan to waive expressway fees for 40,000 EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles from May until the end of 2015. In exchange, drivers are expected to deliver data on expressway use and charging habits to consider where to install EV charging stations.


Tesla update: The Californian carmaker is to expand its guaranteed resale value program for the Model S around the world. After the U.S. and Europe (we reported yesterday), Australia and Japan are now included too, leaving only China and Hong Kong to wait a little longer.

Whohoo, the Raiooo: This electric cargo trike has been designed by graduates and professors from Polytechnic Institute of Viana Do Castelo. The Raiooo is made in Portugal, using natural materials like cork, wood and leather, and sports a front-hub motor. Manufacturers wanted! (with video)

The Lightning LS-218 is well, fast as lightning, as the electric motorcycle holds the speed record of 218 mph for production bikes. No wonder that riding this electric speed machine was “one of the most extreme experiences” in the life of GizMag reviewer Loz Blain. In his words: “This thing is capital-F Fast.”


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