Mar 16, 2015 - 09:58 am

BYD, Nissan Leaf, Juelich Research Center, AVL List.

BYD takes on the Gigafactory: BYD announced that it wants to increase its battery production by 6 GWh per year. That means BYD could ramp up production from this year’s 10 GWh to 34 GWh by 2020 – nearly the same output that Tesla has announced for its Gigafactory (35 GWh).,

Does the Leaf have a problem with the cold? Transport Canada is investigating possible problems with Nissan Leaf brakes in severe cold weather. The vehicles concerned were built in the years 2013 to 2015. The results of the investigation have not been published yet.,

Safe Li-ion batteries: Scientists from the German Juelich Research Center have developed a new battery cell for EVs, using a special ceramic as solid electrolyte. In a next step, the researchers will reduce the thickness of the electrolyte to only a few micrometers., (articles in German)

AVL moves to Sweden: The powertrain developer from Graz has bought 51 percent of shares of the Swedish company Victura AB. It is said to be one of the leading transmission and hybrid driveline design companies and will “strengthen AVL’s broad range of development services and its position in Sweden”.


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