BYD & Uber, Ford, Envision Solar, NRG eVgo.

Uber electrifies: The car service and BYD will work together on a pilot project in Chicago. BYD’s e6 will be available for sale or lease through the dealership Green Wheels USA. While some 25 Chicago drivers currently use an e6, the two companies hope it will be a couple of hundred by the end of the year.
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Ford-sharing uncovers trend: Ford launched a new carsharing experiment in London including 25 Fiesta as well as 25 Focus Electric and unveiled its first experiences: While most users start off with a gasmobile, they quickly switch to an electric vehicle and never go back to gas.

Solar EV chargers for homes: Real estate company Carleton Management from San Diego has placed an order for solar powered EV ARC charging stations by Envision Solar. The exact number was not revealed, but Carleton says it wants to “exceed the expectations” of it clients in terms of infrastructure.

Free installation for renters: In the scope of its Take Charge programme, NRG eVgo will install EV charging stations at qualified apartment complexes in California at no cost. Moreover, the company will put on live events in cities across the state to promote driving and owning electric vehicles.

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