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Cooling electric cars, Metrocab, Events.

Reading tip: Researchers show that electric cars emit significantly less heat than petrol-powered vehicles. They used Beijing in summer of 2012 to calculate that switching vehicles from gas to electricity could reduce the heat island intensity by nearly 1 degree Celsius.,

Video tip: The Metrocab, the new electric taxi with range extender for London, seems popular with its customers. It has a complete range of 560 kilometres, allowing the driver to save 20 to 40 pounds in fuel cost per day. The vehicles have been operating in London as a test fleet since last November via

Events for the upcoming week: Klimamobility 2015 (Mar 26-28; Bolzano, Italy) ++ EVolution Show (Mar 29; Frome, UK)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at


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