Tesla, Chevrolet, Manipal Univ. & Tata Power Solar, UW-Madison & BNL.

Stationary storage by Tesla: The official premiere was scheduled for next week, but Bloomberg says it already knows what the Californian EV maker will present: a battery pack for home energy storage as well as a bigger version for commercial applications. The report further states that Wal-Mart and Cargill could be among the first customers for the stationary Tesla batteries.

Find New Roads details: The unusual concept Chevrolet brought to Shanghai is slowly revealing its being. What Chevy calls dragonfly doors are just one feature of the autonomous and all-electric concept car that comes equipped with four magnetic hubless wheel motors and wireless charging.
gizmag.com, mashable.com

Lightweight solar EV: Indian Manipal Institute of Technology and Tata Power Solar now presented their prototype of a two-seater EV. The SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle) is powered by the sun and weighs only 590 kilos – solar panels included.

Battery imaging: Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brookhaven National Laboratory have visualised electrochemical reactions in lithium-ion batteries containing iron fluoride. To do so, they used a novel X-ray imaging technique.
phys.org, theengineer.co.uk

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the “Ultimate Drag Race” that had the Energica EGO, Zero S, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S P85D all compete in one show.


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