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Bugatti, Siemens, Pathion, Spark Racing Technology.

Chiron details: The Veyron successor by Bugatti can rightfully claim the supercar title once it hits the market in 2016. The 1,500-hp hybrid takes only two seconds to get to 62 mph, has a torque of 1,498 Nm and reaches its top speed at 288 mph.

Siemens pools electric mobility efforts at a newly opened facility in the German city of Erlangen. Here, development, testing as well as serial production of converters for electric and hybrid drivetrains are now under one roof. In combination with its electric motor motor production in Bad Neustadt, Siemens can now equip tens of thousands of vehicles a year with electric powertrains. Our editor Stefan Köller had a look around during official opening this week.
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New solid-state electrolyte: Pathion presented two new derivative superionic solid-state electrolytes built upon LiRAP (Lithium-Rich Anti-Perovskite). Said to enhance energy density and power capacity as well as safety, Pathion is now working on a derivative for lithium-sulfur and sodium-ion batteries.

Changes to electric racer: Formula E chassis manufacturer Spark Racing Technology says it will improve the electric race car’s suspension and braking systems for the second season. Drivers had repeatedly complained about the feeling of the carbon brakes.
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Most clicked link on Tuesday was Shockwave’s Defiant EV3, a new electric roadster that sits on three wheels.


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