May 5, 2015 - 08:25 am

Dale Vince, Li Keqiang, Shayle Kann.

Dale-Vince“There will come a time when people will laugh at the idea that instead of producing our own energy from free wind and sunshine, we used to pay someone else to do it; when they will be shocked that we used to send billions of pounds overseas every year to foreign governments just for the privilege of burning their natural resources and polluting our planet; when people will watch their carbon footprint like we watch our weight.”

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince is trying to evoke a change of perspective in his fellow Britons ahead of the UK elections. A Labour supporter himself, Vince calls for VAT-free EVs and the decarbonisation of the energy industry. His plan is backed by Cambridge Econometrics’ research.

Li-Keqiang“Positive energy will always win! Finally, we won the Long Beach Trans order — the only difference now is that the order is for 60 instead of 20! Cheers!”

Li Keqiang, senior vice president of BYD, is looking at the bright side of things and rightly so, as his company eventually did win the bid for Long Beach’s electric buses after first being setback by bureaucracy and what looked like protectionism.

Shayle-Kann“Tesla’s not the only one doing it, but Tesla can bring it to a wider audience than most other people can. Once they get the Gigafactory up and going, they will be able to deploy on a scale that no one will quite be able to rival. So they may have a cost advantage in that.”

Shayle Kann, vice president at GTM Research, on the Tesla’s PowerPacks that he believes will make quite a difference in the energy storage market in the future.


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