EV air condition, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & Obayashi, VW, Audi.

Non-electric aircon for EVs: Researchers from the University of Utah, HRL Laboratories and GM have developed a thermal battery based on advanced metal hydrides. The system is designed to cool and heat electric and hybrid vehicles without draining the car’s battery and decrease range.

Volcanic H2 production: Kawasaki Heavy Industries has partnered with Obayashi Corp. to look into ways of producing hydrogen using geothermal energy. The project will be set up on the small island of Iojima, where an active volcano is located. Its hot gas is to be used to produce electricity, which in turn is to be used to produce H2.

VW smartwatch app: Volkswagen is developing an app for the Apple Watch that provides information about the car’s location and enables locking and unlocking. Drivers of electric VWs will also be able to check the SOC. VW thus joins the ranks of Porsche and BMW, who issued apps, too.

Hi-res navigation to save fuel: Audi is using high-resolution map materials for its predictive assistant technology that will also be part of the hybrid Q7. The system is said to save up to ten percent of fuel as it takes into account topography information and plans routes accordingly.

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