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Model 3 behind schedule? It looks as though the upcoming Tesla will not go into production until 2017, even though it was announced for the end of 2016. The unconfirmed rumours are fuelled by the news that there is still no “alpha-car”. But in the end, Tesla has never rolled out a car on time yet.
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Tesla_RoadsterRoadster-Update set for August: Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter that the much awaited battery update for the Tesla Roadster will most likely become available this coming August. The new 70 kWh battery pack will allow for a driving range of more than 340 miles.
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New U.S. hybrids? Nissan revealed the Murano Hybrid for the Chinese market (we reported), following the introduction of the X-Trail (Rogue) hybrid, which will go on sale in Japan. Nissan now considers offering the latter in the U.S. as well. Whether the Murano will also go on sale there is still unclear.

Volvo PHEV gets price tag: The carmaker’s XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid will sell in the U.S. starting at 60,995 dollars. That is before incentives but includes a mandatory 995 dollars handling and delivery fee. The plug-in SUV is said to have an all-electric range of 24 miles.

Mirai keeps the pace: The Toyota is the first fuel cell pace car, making its track debut at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Virginia. Meanwhile, Toyota has opened the first showroom for the Mirai in Tokyo.
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Apple Watch to watch: The BMW i ConnectedDrive App for the Apple Watch is ready. With it, owners can remotely control the functions of their car. Moreover, drivers of the Porsche plug-in variants can now also use the Apple Watch to check charging status, remaining range, and time left to charge.
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