May 26, 2015 - 08:39 am

Daimler & Qualcomm, Wireless in-wheel motor, Schaeffler, ORNL.

Inductive charging collaboration: Until now it seemed that Daimler and BMW were working together with Brusa to develop inductive charging technology. But now Daimler announced that it will team up with Qualcomm to develop wireless charging solutions based on the latter’s Halo WEVC technology.,

Wireless in-wheel motor: Japanese researchers say they have successfully developed the world’s first in-wheel motor system for electric cars that transfers electricity from the battery to the in-wheel motor wirelessly. It features a transmitting and a receiving coil located ten centimeters apart.,

Schaeffler joins Formula E: As the exclusive technology partner of Team ABT Sportsline, Schaeffler is already developing an electric motor of its own for the second Formula E season and will be shaping the entire powertrain system of the motor and transmission for the race car. The first components will already be tested in the next few weeks.

New solid-state electrolyte: Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory say they have developed a promising new solid-state electrolyte for rechargeable batteries with lithium-metal anodes. The material (Li7P2S8I) stands out due to its high ionic conductivity and chemical stability.


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