GIGA-LIB, Hi-LEVEL, Local Motors, Tsinghua University.

Modular Li-ion cells: Varta Microbattery will be leading the new GIGA-LIB project to research production methods for modular lithium-ion cells, run by a consortium made up of companies Manz, M+W Germany, ThyssenKrupp and ZSW. The project is set to run for two years and is funded by the German Education and Research Ministry (BMBF) with about 5 million dollars. (in German)

Integration platform for power electronics: In the project Hi-LEVEL lead by Continental, eight partners have developed an innovative high-current printed circuit board for electric vehciles. It is said to be smaller, more powerful and more efficient than current models. The project was funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research. (in German)

Local Motors tests electric offroader: The U.S. company mainly known for its 3-D printed electric cars, is already working on its next project. The video shows the first all-electric “Rally Fighter” still without a body, but already up to speed.

Li-sulfur research: Researchers from Tsinghua University say they have developed a “promising strategy” to tackle the intrinsic problems of lithium metal anodes for Lithium sulfur batteries. Their graphene-modified Li anode coated by an in situ formed solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) improved the Coulombic efficiency to 97 percent for more than 100 cycles.

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Most clicked link on Monday was the world premiere of the VDL Citea SLFA Electric articulated bus at the UITP Mobility & City Transport trade fair in Milan.


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