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Electric delivery: The Norwegian Post is to expand its fleet of electric vehicles as it intends to buy another 300 EVs from Renault and Nissan next year. ‘Posten Norge’ has already acquired more than 900 electric vehicles in the past five years.

Meanwhile TNT, is to employ seven E-Ducato in Dutch Amsterdam and Rotterdam as part of the FREVUE (Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe) EU project. The vehicles are to replace diesel vans and the company hopes to save 24,000 litres of gas and 76 tons of CO2 each year.

Tesla in the UK: The Californian electric carmaker is to expand its Supercharger network on the Isles as it plans to add another seven fast-charging locations. They will be located at motorways in the West of Scotland and Eastern England. Currently, 22 Supercharger stations can be found in the UK.

Further access to HOV lanes is only one signature away as a bill passed the Californian legislature on Monday, calling for another 15,000 green stickers. If signed by the governor, the number of stickers giving privileges to PHEV drivers would grow from 70,000 to 85,000.

Electric bus service: The venerable city of Dresden in Germany now has its first all-electric bus line. It serves on route 79 with four stops on a stretch of 5.2 kilometres. The electric bus by Solaris runs every 20 minutes. The service is the first of its kind in Saxony., (both in German)

Electrification for fleets: Alphabet introduces its ‘Electrification Potential Analysis (EPA)’ which does exactly what its name suggests: analysing the potential for electrification of fleets. Deloitte Italy and Interserve UK are already using the service. The analysis is based on real-life client data supplied by removable loggers that record data like speed, distance, acceleration and parking.

Street light charging: In a showcase at the Mini Plant Oxford, BMW introduces its ‘Light & Charge’ project in the UK, a street lighting system that doubles as a charging station for EVs. The system is based on LED technology and can easily be installed in various locations.


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