Valeo, ZTE Corporation, Ethos Electric Vehicle, BMW.

Yes to CO2 reduction: French Valeo says it already has the technology to reduce CO2 emissions to 75g/100km, which might become EU norm by 2025 (we reported yesterday). While no details have been released, the French supplier shifts its focus to fuel savings and Asia. There, it intends to sell 40% of its equipment by 2020.

Wireless charging in China: ZTE Corporation is developing high-power wireless charging systems for EVs and focusses on public transport and infrastructure. ZTE’s inductive charging WPT module is said to have a potential capacity of up to 30 kW, with a gap of 20 cm and efficiency of up to 90%. Several trials with electric buses are running already.

Roadster reloaded: Ethos Electric Vehicles from Alaska is looking for 100,000 dollars to rework the La Bala from Graber Cars into an all-wheel drive electric roadster. A two-wheel drive unit is planned for 28,000 dollars. EEV will build the electric motor, enclose the cabin and add storage space, as well as the battery., (campaign)

40-ton electric truck: At the BMW facility in Munich, tests of an electric truck are underway as planned. The 40-ton EV is hauling material over a 2-km distance between the BMW plant and logistic partner Scherm up to eight times a day. The battery is powered by renewable energy. (in German), (in Swedish)


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