Nissan, Infiniti, BMW, Freudenberg-NOK, JLong.

Micro EVs to share: Nissan just started a new trial with its New Mobility Concept two-seater. Residents of Sakonyama Danchi district in Yokohama can now share the mini EVs which are part of a study. The one-year project is run together with the semipublic housing agency Urban Renaissance (UR).,

Infiniti chauffeur service: Officials at the Chinese Development Forum could get around at the congress using 20 hybrid SUVs by Infiniti. Toyota’s premium brand took the job away from Audi which supplied vehicles last year. Looks like green is the new status.

BMW to test mega EV: Together with logistics company Scherm, BMW will deploy an all-electric 40-ton truck by Terberg this summer for material transport between Scherm and BMW’s Munich plant. If the electric truck turns out to be fit for the job, the project might be expanded.,

Charge & work: Freudenberg-NOK is planning to install four charging stations at its offices in Michigan, where they will join two EV stations already installed. The initiative is part of the Workplace Charging Challenge by the DoE and the company plans to allow access for the public.

This review by Tom Moloughney looks at a somewhat underlying topic of EVs which is not often discussed: the charging equipment. In this case, it is the JLong extension cable (we reported) that circumvents the ICEing problem rather elegantly.

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