Jul 22, 2015 - 08:14 am

MTU & Akasol, Voltabox, Self-extinguishing battery, FURBOT.

Akasol-BatteriepaketMTU plans hybrid drivetrains: MTU Friedrichshafen is partnering with battery specialist Akasol. The German supplier of driveline and chassis technology plans to develop hybrid drivetrains equipped with Akasol batteries for mobile applications in the marine, heavy duty ground vehicles and rail sector.

New Voltabox facility: The Paragon subsidiary Voltabox has opened a new production facility in Texas. The 2,000-square-metre facility contains one fully automated assembly line for Li-ion battery packs. Further assembly lines are set to follow.

Self-extinguishing battery: Researchers at the Advanced Batteries Research Center of the Korean Electronics Technology have developed a Li-ion battery with self-extinguishing capabilities. They integrated temperature-responsive microcapsules containing a fire-extinguishing agent in the cell.

Electric delivery van of the future: The EU-funded project FURBOT aims to make freight traffic greener, developing an electric delivery vehicle that will enable automated loading and unloading of goods in suburban areas. A field test is scheduled for the end of the year in Portugal.

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