Aug 5, 2015 - 08:02 am

Tesla, Hawaii Electric, Ensto Chago, Kansas City Royals, Supercharger.

Tesla destined for China: The EV maker has found another cooperation partner in Hang Lung Properties. A total of ten Tesla Destination Chargers are to be installed at six of Huang Lung’s shopping malls. Test drives will also be possible.,

EV excess wanted: Utility provider Hawaiian Electric says it will install 25 new EV fast charging stations in Oahu, Maui County and the Big Island. Furthermore, discounted rates will stimulate EV charging when excess energy is available, while also promoting the use of electric cars.

Ensto-ChagoWall-20Billboard charger: Finnish Ensto Chago presents the Chago Wall 2.0. The charging station integrates an advertising space that could generate income to pay for the station, installation and charging. The digital display was developed together with Symbicon.,

Home run: The Kansas City Royals now offer their fans 5 EV charging stations at the Truman Sports Complex. Charging will be free of charge for the first two years thanks to the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority. The stations are part of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network.

Spanish Supercharger update: Tesla now opened the second Supercharger station on Spanish soil. The lot in Tarragona joins the 4-slot spot in Girona (we reported) and thus puts Valencia into reach.


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