Aug 13, 2015 - 08:24 am

Bustech, Infiniti, Li-air batteries, University of Maryland.

zf-australienAussie bus powered by Germany: ZF is the driving force behind Australia’s first electric bus. Manufacturer Bustech uses ZF’s electric drive axle AVE 130. Initially developed for hybrid buses, the technology can also be used in all-electric buses. Bustech is also Malaysia’s partner of choice (we reported).

GT-R technology might be road instead of race ready, and may find its way into a new Infiniti limousine by 2018, Motoring learned from inside sources. It will then be powered by a de-tuned version of the racers V6 hybrid system.

On a quest for transparency: Researchers from Yale and MIT use Raman spectroscopy to get a better understanding of Li-air batteries. They believe the laser analysis method to be particularly well-suited as it allows for real-time observations to be made.

Stability through separation: A team from the University of Maryland has developed a separator coated with boron-nitride nanosheets. It is said to improve the stability of Li-metal anodes.


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