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Aug 13, 2015 - 08:24 am

Bustech, Infiniti, Li-air batteries, University of Maryland.

zf-australienAussie bus powered by Germany: ZF is the driving force behind Australia’s first electric bus. Manufacturer Bustech uses ZF’s electric drive axle AVE 130. Initially developed for hybrid buses, the technology can also be used in all-electric buses. Bustech is also Malaysia’s partner of choice (we reported).

GT-R technology might be road instead of race ready, and may find its way into a new Infiniti limousine by 2018, Motoring learned from inside sources. It will then be powered by a de-tuned version of the racers V6 hybrid system.

On a quest for transparency: Researchers from Yale and MIT use Raman spectroscopy to get a better understanding of Li-air batteries. They believe the laser analysis method to be particularly well-suited as it allows for real-time observations to be made.

Stability through separation: A team from the University of Maryland has developed a separator coated with boron-nitride nanosheets. It is said to improve the stability of Li-metal anodes.

Dec 5, 2014 - 09:28 am

ACCIONA, Mahindra, Greenwich, Bustech, Toyota Tsusho.

Acciona-DakarFirst EV for Dakar Rally: ACCIONA will be the first team ever to compete in the 9,000 km rally in an all-electric car. The 80 kg electric engine has an output of 220 kW and the 140 kWh battery packs allow for a range of up to 350 km, which would be sufficient for most special stages, after which the batteries will be swapped. The rally starts on the 4th of January in Buenos Aires.

Track tech for the street: Mahindra plans to use technology developed for the Formula E in its serial production cars as well. According to Chetan Maini, CEO of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, this could include battery, powertrain and even telematics technology.

Autonomous electric shuttle: Next year, first test projects with self-driving vehicles will hit the road in Bristol, Greenwich, Coventry and Milton Keyes. Greenwich will test an automated all-electric shuttle bus that seats up to ten people, as well as robotic valet parking for driverless cars.
dailymail.co.uk, engadget.com

Electric buses for Malaysia: Australian company Bustech has been chosen to develop an electric bus for Malaysia together with the Malaysia Automotive Institute, Swinburne University of Technology and other partners. If successful, the electric bus could be exported to other countries.

Lithium from Argentina: Sales de Jujuy S.A., an Argentine lithium development company, has started lithium production. Stakeholder Toyota Tsusho has acquired the exclusive sales rights for the lithium carbonate and plans to set up a complete lithium supply chain. The material will be export to i.e. Japan.
greencarcongress.com, toyota-tsusho.com

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Most clicked link on Thursday was “Reuters” reporting on Germany´s national energy efficiency programme, which also includes e-mobility measures such as tax breaks for EVs used as company cars.


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