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Tesla-Model-XGo for Tesla Model X: The carmaker opened up the online configurator for the first buyers of the ‘Signature Series,’ including colour and spec’ed options. The limited edition featuring a 90 kWh battery and 240 mile range will start from 132,000 dollars. Those who want the speedier option (ludicrous mode) will need to add another 10,000 dollars to the price tag. Other options include autopilot, ventilated leather seats and air suspension.
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New Toyota hybrids in Frankfurt: On top of the next-generation Prius, Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid will celebrate its European premiere at the IAA. Both vehicles now feature Pedestrian Recognition and Adaptive Cruise Control. The second Toyota C-HR Concept hybrid crossover will also be shown.

Chevy Volt available: The 2016 model can now be ordered in ten more states in the U.S., including Oregon, Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. According to Inside EVs, the first delivery will happen any day now, though GM has not announced a specific date.

E-scooter from India: Mahindra will begin offering its city scooter GenZE in California, Oregon and Michigan from this autumn. Pricing starts at 2,999 dollars. The two-wheeler could also become available in other U.S. states as well as Europe. So far, Mahindra had only sold tractors in the United States.

IAA preview: Bugatti took the wraps off its Vision Gran Turismo, which it will present at the Frankfurt Motor Show in less than two weeks. The design is said to hint at Bugatti’s future design language, meaning it could feature elements from the Chiron. The latter hypercar will be unveiled in Geneva next year and could cost 2.2m euros.
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