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Fuel cell for mass production: A European industry consortium is to develop a blueprint for a 90-kW fuel cell stack to be mass manufactured and widely used in the car industry. The VolumetriQ project receives 5 million euros from the EU over three years and is led by British Intelligent Energy.

Linde-H2-BikeLinde fuel cell pedelec: This e-bike by Linde is powered by hydrogen. The small fuel cell holds 34g of H2 that translate to a range of 100 kilometres. Linde plans to produce a limited number of prototypes of its H2 bike that will mainly serve as promotion tool.

Reunion: Electrovaya’s recent acquisition of Evonik Litarion bears fruit in form of a new 40Ah lithium ion cell that uses the Separion flexible ceramic separator membrane by Evonik. The Litacell LC-40 thus holds the promise of a long and save battery life (almost 9,000 cycles).
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Improvement: UQM Technologies has introduced the PowerPhase HD (+) electric propulsion systems. It improves UQM’s motor system technology as the HD (+) offers an enhanced thermal path and an increase in continuous power of up to 25% for handling difficult demands on heavy duty vehicles.

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was Aston Martin’s announcement to electrify the Rapide sports car by the end of 2017. Up next in the British brands electric line will be the DBX. E-xciting times ahead!


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